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We provide a full range of investment choices to our clients on a daily basis. If you are a conventional investor or you looking for something different, we can help.

Conventional Investments

Most conventional investing strategies choose a diversified mix of investments to find a good balance between risk and return. To determine your investment mix, you should consider your performance expectations, the amount of time you have to reach your goals and the level of risk you are prepared to accept.

We offer a full range of investment products that include:

  • Mutual Funds
  • Segregated Funds
  • RRSP's
  • RESP's
  • RIF's
  • Annuity's
  • GIC's
From mutual funds and segregated funds to stocks and bonds, we have everything you need, all in one place. We can also set up your investment portfolio as self-directed or advisor based, registered or non-registered or a little of each, based on your individual needs.

Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a professionally managed type of collective investment scheme that pools money from many investors and invests it in stocks, bonds, short-term money market instruments, and/or other securities. The mutual fund will have a fund manager that trades the pooled money on a regular basis. The net proceeds or losses are then typically distributed to the investors annually.

Segregated Funds

A Segregated Fund (Seg Fund) is a type of investment fund administered by Canadian insurance companies in the form of individual, variable life insurance contracts offering certain guarantees to the policyholder such as reimbursement of capital upon death. As required by law, these funds are fully segregated from the company's general investment funds, hence the eponym.


A Registered Retirement Savings Plan or RRSP is an account that provides tax benefits for saving for retirement in Canada. RRSP refers to a provision in the Income Tax Act that allows a person to shelter financial property from income taxes.

RRSPs may reduce taxes in up to three ways:

1. Contributions to RRSPs, up to limits described below, may be deducted from income before calculating income tax due.
2. Income earned within the account (interest, corporate dividends, trust distributions, capital gains) is not taxed until money is withdrawn from the plan, allowing the plan to grow faster than the same investments would grow if they were held outside the plan and thus subject to tax.
3. Money may be withdrawn from an RRSP in tax years when one is in a lower income-tax bracket because of lower income (due to retirement, unemployment, etc.) than tax years when one makes contributions.

Examples of financial property that can be held in an RRSP are: savings accounts, guaranteed investment certificates (GICs), bonds, mortgage loans, mutual funds, income trusts, corporate shares (stocks), and labour-sponsored funds.

Alternative Investments

We work very hard to accommodate any investor. If you looking for something outside the box, we can help. We offer all kinds of investment opportunities from Raw Land Development to funding private projects.

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